Texas State Graduate Students Honored with P.E.O. International Peace Scholarships

Student Experience

Staff Contributor | June 13, 2022

Ten graduate students at Texas State University have been awarded the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.) International Peace Scholarship (IPS) for 2022-2023.

This highly competitive scholarship provides up to $12,500 for international women pursuing graduate studies in the United States and Canada. This year's class of Texas State awardees includes the university’s first-ever recipients from Brazil, Kenya, and Vietnam, as well as the first-ever recipients from the civil engineering, construction management, creative writing, and mathematics education programs and concentrations.

The 2022-2023 recipients are:

  • Semilore Adelugba (Nigeria), doctoral student, developmental education  
  • Andreia Alves (Brazil), doctoral student, aquatic resources and integrative biology 
  • Eunice Babatunde (Nigeria), master's student, engineering (civil)  
  • Mai Bui (Vietnam), doctoral student, mathematics education  
  • Pingki Datta (Bangladesh), master's student, engineering (civil)  
  • Maryam Ghadami (Iran), master's student, engineering (civil)  
  • Sojung Huh (Republic of Korea), doctoral student, geographic education 
  • Idza Luhumyo (Kenya), master's student in creative writing (fiction) 
  • Shrasta Mathema (Nepal), master's student in construction management
  • Farzana Nishat (Bangladesh), master's student in engineering (civil)

A recipient of the 2021-2022 IPS award, Sojung Huh applied for, and received, a renewal IPS scholarship for the upcoming academic year. Sojung was also awarded the AAUW International Fellowship for 2022-2023.

Andreia Alves
Andreia Alves

“Angela Davis, in a conference in the city I was born, Salvador-Bahia, Brazil, said ‘When a Black woman moves, the whole structure of society moves with her,’” Alves said. “Receiving the P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship honors the amazing women, my grandmother, mother and sisters, who had to work hard to give me the opportunity to continue my studies and pursue a career."

“I am the first in my family who had the opportunity to learn English and study abroad. [This award] also represents every woman in Brazil who could not have the opportunity to attend university and pursue a career,” she said.

Idza Luhumyo
Idza Luhumyo

For Kenyan native Luhumyo, the scholarship meant she could stop worrying about money and focus on getting the most out of the creative writing program at TXST. “I'd heard good things about the program. But I was especially motivated to apply because of its diversity — and from my experience, the program makes a conscious effort to be as inclusive as possible. That's something I appreciate.”


Mai Bui
Mai Bui

From her home in Vietnam, Bui explained what the  scholarship means for her. ”It empowers me to think about how I, as a woman, can raise my voice and take action to help other underprivileged women in my country."

“I realize that there is still society’s prejudice about girls’ inability to do mathematics not only in a developing country like Vietnam but also in America. Through pursuing the Ph.D. program in mathematics education at Texas State, I hope to contribute my part to improve the equity practice in mathematics education and show people that young or old, rich or poor, boy or girl, everyone can do math,” Bui said.

Since 2017-2018,  50 Texas State graduate students have received this award with the assistance of Andrea Hilkovitz and Brian Smith in The Graduate College.

"Starting with a single recipient in 2017-2018, The Graduate College has grown its pool of recipients to an impressive total of 50 in the last six years. I also find it remarkable that Texas State routinely has had among the largest award numbers for Texas colleges and universities during the past three years. We are very proud of our recipients," said Andrea Golato, dean of The Graduate College, professor of German, and a former international graduate student.

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