Texas State Students Win Big at Model UN

Student Achievements

Staff Contributor | April 7, 2021

group of students standing under UAC arch
From left to right: Catching Valentinis-Dee, Aaron Acevado, David Moncada, Joseph Bahr, Kaela Thompson, Daniel Amoo, Taylor Williams, Andrea Garcia Rodriguez, Dalton Powell, Marie Frere, Samuel Truesdale, Bridget Negrete, and Kaitlyn Rodriguez.

The Texas State University Department of Political Science Model United Nations (MUN) program swept the virtual awards stage in the Southern Regional Model United Nations (SRMUN) March 25-28.

Students debated a host of global issues, ranging from the challenges of combating the proliferation of chemically enhanced illicit drugs, to expanding food security for vulnerable and marginalized groups. The SRMUN competition consisted of 250 competitors, representing 35 institutions, including Auburn University, the University of Georgia, Mississippi State University, and Tennessee State University.

The Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic organization through which students learn how the U.N. operates by competing in student debate competitions, such as the Harvard National Model United Nations. In MUN, students study parliamentary debate, diplomacy, and current global issues. In competitions, students are expected to represent their assigned nation’s interests and display diplomatic proficiency.

two students dressed professionally sitting at desk behind laptop
Samuel Truesdale and Marie Frere

Using parliamentary procedure, students argue for and against resolutions that are developed by student competitors in mock U.S. sessions. Thus, to do well, students must learn International Relations theory, current global issues, effective diplomatic techniques, and parliamentary procedure.

Representing the United Mexican States, Kaela Thompson, Catching Valentinis-Dee, Joseph Bahr, and Andrea Garcia Rodriguez won ‘Outstanding Delegation’ recognition, a first-place award.

“The conference was really enjoyable. It was a lot of fun to get to interact with students both at Texas State and around the nation. It also provided a great educational opportunity to hone your professional communication and research skills that you wouldn't get in the typical classroom environment,” said senior Joseph Bahr on his experience.

Representing the Russian Federation, Dalton Powell, Ana Moreno, Kaitlyn Rodriguez, Daniel Amoo, Aaron Acevado, Bridget Negrete, Marie Frere, Samuel Trusdale, Taylor Williams, and David Moncada won ‘Distinguished Delegation’ recognition, a second-place award.  

male and female students dressed professionally sitting at desk behind laptop
Dalton Powell and Ana Moreno

Texas State students dominated the individual awards. In fact, in all but one committee that the Bobcats participated, they won a ‘Best Delegate’ award.

Kaela Thompson won ‘Best Delegate’ in her committee, General Assembly Plenary. Catching Valentinis-Dee, Joseph Bahr, Kaitlyn Rodriguez, and Daniel Amoo won ‘Co-Best Delegate’ awards in their committee, General Assembly Fourth. Aaron Acevado and Bridget Negrete won ‘Best Delegate’ in the World Food Program – Executive Board committee. Andrea Garcia Rodriguez, Marie Frere, and Samuel Truesdale won ‘Co-Best Delegate’ awards in their committee, Commission on Narcotics and Drugs. Finally, David Moncada won ‘Best Delegate’ in his committee, the Security Council.

“My experience being part of MUN has been incredible,” said Model UN President and political science junior Andrea Garcia Rodriguez. “MUN has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and to learn more about international relations. I have not only seen personal growth in my development as a leader but also in public speaking skills. MUN has been the highlight of my college experience and I’m glad I found such an amazing group here at Texas State!”

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