Students create award-winning design for international furniture company

Student Achievements 

Rey Felix | May 22, 2020

graphic of office space
Elorreage and Metzler's award winning booth design, inspired by Swedish concept of Lagom- not too much and not too little, just right.

In the fall of 2019, the international modern office furniture company, Scandinavian Spaces, partnered with students in Texas State University’s interior design program to create a design booth for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Originally scheduled for May 17-20, in New York City, the company converted the original event into a virtual showroom after the onset of COVID-19. The company organized a competition for the university’s interior design program, encouraging students to develop a concept and design a booth that represented the company's core values and style.

Erin Elorreaga and Shelbie Metzler were named winners of the competition by Texas State faculty, interior design alumni, and Scandinavian Spaces representatives.

Elorreaga and Metzler said the Swedish concept of Lagom, meaning “not too much and not too little-just right,” was the inspiration for their booth. The design highlights new furniture concepts and creates a space for collaborative meetings, wall acoustics, and individual workstations. The virtual showroom launched on May 15. 

“When they told us that we would still be able to have our design showcased and get our names out in the design world (it) was so exciting and a relief. I would credit this as my biggest success in life so far,” said Elorreaga. 

Elorreaga and Metzler are set to graduate in fall 2020. Meltzer said she will be on the lookout for a design firm that shares her goals and design values. Elorreaga said she hopes to move to the Pacific Northwest and is looking forward to getting her interior design license and experience to become a project manager.   

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