TXST professors create Family Business Research Productivity Ranking


Jeremy Thomas | March 1, 2024

Texas State faculty have launched a new Family Business Research Productivity Ranking, a tool designed to highlight the top scholars and universities conducting research in family business.

The project was led by Jake Waddingham, Ph.D., and Josh Daspit, Ph.D., from the McCoy College of Business. 

Research productivity rankings showcase the top individuals or institutions that are conducting scholarly research in a particular field. Such rankings have been available for other fields like entrepreneurship and sports management, but no regularly published ranking existed for family business research prior to now. 

jake waddingham headshot
Jake Waddingham, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management

As family business research continues to grow rapidly, Jake Waddingham is hopeful that TXST’s productivity ranking will help create a sense of community for researchers. 

“We wanted to provide a valuable resource for academics, practitioners, and policymakers who want to assess and compare scholarly output among family business scholars,” says Waddingham, Assistant Professor of Management. “We hope to foster opportunities for more collaboration that helps advance the field of family business research.”

TXST’s Family Business Research Productivity Rankings are based on the number of times one’s research is published in select top academic research journals over the previous five years. 

josh daspit headshot
Josh Daspit, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management

Associate Professor Josh Daspit, who’s conducted research in a variety of business-related topics for over a decade, says that the ranking has already been well-received by other researchers and institutions. 

“This is a resource that has already been used by many, and we look forward to its annual release,” says Daspit, who himself is included in the productivity rankings. 

“We encourage the academic community to engage with and provide feedback on the ranking to enhance its credibility and usefulness.” 

TXST is ranked as one of the top 25 institutions in the world conducting research related to family businesses, which account for nearly 87% of all businesses in the United States.

More information can be found on the Family Business Research Productivity Ranking website.

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