Texas State, Austin Community College launch ambitious ‘Bats to Cats’ guaranteed transfer program


Jayme Blaschke | April 18, 2024

two people sitting at a table holding pens
(left to right) ACC Chancellor Russell Lowery-Hart and TXST President Kelly Damphousse

Texas State University and Austin Community College District have partnered on a new “Bats to Cats” guaranteed transfer program to provide a clear path to both an associate and bachelor’s degree for students beginning at ACC and completing at TXST.

Bats to Cats participants will benefit from targeted, personalized support and early efforts to support belonging across institutions, which will help them save money and complete their bachelor’s degrees in a timely manner. Eligible students may apply for the program beginning in fall 2024 with the intention of transferring to TXST in summer 2025, fall 2025 and other future terms.

a person speaking into a microphone at a podium
President Damphousse shares remarks at Bats to Cats signing ceremony.

“Texas State University is proud to partner with ACC on the ‘Bats to Cats’ program, and we look forward to the difference it will make in so many lives,” said TXST President Kelly Damphousse. “As the product of a community college myself, I was drawn to this initiative because TXST wants to be part of the solution to build a direct, seamless, affordable, and efficient pathway from community college to a four-year university. ‘Bats to Cats’ is a win-win for students and for Texas, as it increases the number of highly skilled and career-ready professionals entering the workforce.”

While about 60% of ACC students intend to transfer to a four-year university, only 25% actually achieve this goal within three years. Bats to Cats is designed to increase the number of students who transfer, increase student belonging, save students money and ensure all credits transfer and are applied as expected to the selected bachelor’s degree.

a person speaking into a microphone
ACC Chancellor Russell Lowery-Hart speaking at the Bats to Cats signing ceremony.

“A majority of our students come to ACC with the intent to transfer, but the process can be frustrating because it isn’t always seamless. Students can lose credits or have to take different classes once they transfer. None of us want that for our students. This collaboration between ACC and Texas State is doing something big to remove some major barriers. These are the kinds of partnerships that change lives,” said ACC Chancellor Russell Lowery-Hart, Ph.D. “Getting here took a lot of time, energy, and communication. I am thankful for all the work and people who made this partnership possible. By allowing ACC students to receive guaranteed admission to Texas State, they can save time and money, and find a way to a family-sustaining wage.” 

Students participating in Bats to Cats will experience a seamless transfer. ACC will automatically send transcripts to TXST at the end of each semester, enabling TXST transfer admission counselors to ensure the student is maintaining admissions eligibility and to provide support as necessary. TXST and ACC worked together to develop clear transfer guidelines to make every credit count. Participants will be automatically admitted to TXST for the semester indicated on their declaration form, enabling earlier access to academic advising and registration. 

To enhance a sense of belonging, Bats to Cats benefits include complimentary tickets for select TXST athletic events and direct advising support from the TXST Transfer Center navigators. 

Bats to Cats is also expected to result in significant cost savings for students. Participants who complete their first 60 hours of course credit at ACC then complete their final 60 hours at TXST’s Round Rock or San Marcos campuses are expected to save as much as $19,000 in tuition and fees (based on fiscal year 2024 rates). In addition, all eligible Bats to Cats participants will receive a $1,000 scholarship award for the first year they enroll at TXST as a new transfer student beginning in fall 2025. That scholarship is renewable for those students who maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average, and Bats to Cats transfers who choose to enroll at TXST’s Round Rock Campus will receive an additional $1,000 scholarship, which is renewable for a second year as well.

For more information on the Bats to Cats program, visit https://transfercenter.txst.edu/acc-guaranteed-transfer.html 

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