UPD warns of telephone scammers pretending to be TXST Police

Inside TXST

Texas State University | December 16, 2022

The Texas State University Police Department has learned of a current scam where callers pretending to be UPD officers attempt to obtain personal information from their victims.

The scammers impersonating a UPD officer tells the victim that a vehicle rented in their name was found with blood inside. The scammer then tells the victim they are a suspect in a crime and demands the victim’s personal information warning that a warrant for their arrest will be issued if the victim does not comply. Thus far, the victims have been senior citizens.

The Texas State UPD does not call people to request their personal information.

For more information, contact University Communications:

Jayme Blaschke, 512-245-2555

Sandy Pantlik, 512-245-2922