Revised Essential Office Operations

President Trauth | March 23, 2020

Email sent to faculty and staff

Dear Colleagues,

Every day, the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 bring new challenges and decisions for us to face professionally and personally. I have seen you all meet these difficult times with perseverance, creativity, hard work, and sincere care and empathy for our students. I have never been prouder. 

To enable Texas State University employees to comply with shelter-in-place or other restrictions that may be issued by local or state officials, we are providing the following guidance regarding managing your work schedule.  

We recognize these shelter-in-place restrictions may eventually affect many, if not all, of our employees and students.  Texas State is committed to providing flexibility and appropriate work options that not only answer the needs of our employees, but ensure the continued operation of the university.  These extraordinary times require us to provide additional support to our students as they adapt to their changing learning and living environment. It is critical that the students on our campuses and those working remotely have access to the services and facilities they need to be successful. 

The President’s Cabinet has reviewed the essential offices previously identified for energy conservation and weather emergencies and adjusted the list for this situation. To meet the university’s needs, we have determined that offices identified as essential to university operations (listed at the end of this email) must have at least one full-time employee in the office on the San Marcos Campus, and as applicable, on the Round Rock Campus, during the normal 40-hour work week. The appropriate cabinet member may determine if more individuals are needed to perform the necessary work responsibilities.

All other employees not physically on one of the campuses are expected to work remotely for 40 hours per week.  The expectation is that anyone working remotely is reachable, available, and demonstrating work outcomes. These individuals must submit the Remote and Telecommuting Work Agreement and have it approved by their supervisor. I encourage you to review the Staff and Faculty section here on the COVID-19 webpage for important information on working remotely.

We understand that some employees for various reasons may not be able to work remotely from home. In those cases, they should plan to come to their office on our campuses and follow the work schedule as approved by their supervisor while maintaining the recommended social distancing protocol. Supervisors can also approve flexible work hours (e.g., early mornings, late evenings, and/or weekends) to accommodate our employees’ professional and personal needs. Temporary staff and student employees, including those on assistantships and work-study appointments, may also be extended the option to perform work from home. 

As a reminder, university mail services will continue to operate for the remainder of the semester on the spring break schedule outlined here in the Campus Services and Support section of the COVID-19 FAQs.

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to find the best solutions to keep our Texas State community safe and operational. I appreciate each and every one of you.



Denise M. Trauth


Revised Essential Offices

Academic Advising Centers

LBJ Student Center

Academic Affairs AVP Offices

Mail Services 

Academic and Research Centers (as directed by dean or AVPFR)

Materials Management & Logistics

Academic Department and School Offices

Network Operations 

Academic Testing for Students with Disabilities

Office of Disability Services

Accounts Payable

Office of Distance and Extended Learning

Advancement Services

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Alumni Affairs

Office of the Provost and Vice Presidents’ Offices

Campus Recreation

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

Career Services

Office of the University Registrar


Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Counseling Center

President’s Office

Curriculum Services

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing

Dean of Students

Retention Management and Planning

Deans’ Offices

Round Rock Campus Administration

Equity and Inclusion

Student Affairs Technology Services

Facilities Planning, Design & Construction

Student Business Services

Facilities-Utility Operations

Student Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty and Academic Resources

Student Health Center

Housing and Residential Life

Technology Resources

Human Resources

Testing, Evaluation, and Measurement Center

Information Security Office 

University Libraries

International Affairs

University Marketing

IT Assistance Center 

University Police Department