Twin brothers, TXST alums, compete on CBS' "The Amazing Race"

Student Experience

Jeremy Thomas | March 8, 2024

anthony and bailey smith
Anthony and Bailey Smith are contestants on CBS' "The Amazing Race" (Photo by Yuri Hasegawa/CBS)

Texas State University alums Bailey and Anthony Smith are featured contestants on the 36th Season of CBS’ “The Amazing Race.” Graduates of TXST’s communication studies program, the twin brothers are competing for a chance to win $1 million. 

bailey and anthony smith pose in front of bobcat stadium at texas state university

The California natives were often compared to one another by their peers which led to occasional feelings of competition between the two. However, Bailey says their relationship was strengthened during their college experience at Texas State. 

“People pitted us against each other a lot in high school, so there was definitely some animosity between us at times,” said Bailey, who lived with Anthony throughout their time as TXST students.

“Living with each other and overcoming the daily challenges of a college student together really helped our relationship flourish and inspired us to explore what other challenges we can overcome together in life.”

bailey and anthony smith at sewell park

Bailey and Anthony watched “The Amazing Race” regularly throughout their childhood and have always dreamed of one day competing on the show together. Though he’s grateful that such a dream has become reality, Anthony says befriending other contestants has been the most fulfilling part of the process. 

“As happy as I am to actually be on this show, meeting the people on the cast has definitely been the best takeaway from this entire experience,” says Anthony. 

“We’ve even connected with contestants from previous seasons and have formed lifelong friendships.”

Season 36 of “The Amazing Race” premiered on March 13, 2024 and can be watched on CBS or streamed on Paramount +. 

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