Undergraduate Research Day features work of 2 Texas State students

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
March 3, 2015

Two Texas State University students will participate in Texas Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol in Austin March 4.  

Jose Reyes, a biochemistry major with a minor in math, and Simone Longe, an anthropology major with minors in forensic psychology and geography, will represent Texas State. Faculty advisors Caitlin Gabor, Department of Biology, and Kate Spradley, Department of Anthropology, will accompany Reyes and Longe.  

The purpose of Undergraduate Research Day is to showcase the experiences of undergraduate students engaged in research for Texas legislators and the public through high-quality poster displays. The program will highlight how research conducted by undergraduate students positively impacts Texas--and Texans -- with the theme: Transforming Texas Through Undergraduate Research.

Reyes' research, titled "Is the total, conjugated or free portion of 11-keto testosterone associated with the mating behavior of sailfin mollies?" attempted to find a connection between hormones and mating behaviors in two closely related species of fish--one a "clonal" species consisting only of females--local to Texas that mate between species.

Longe's research, titled "Sex estimation in forensic anthropology using postcranial elements of the radius, femur and scapula" compared the sexing accuracy of the radius, femur and scapula with the Texas State University Donated Skeletal Collection to results from previous research to ultimately help improve the identification of unknown skeletal remains.

Approximately 60 research projects representing more than 50 public and private universities and colleges will be displayed in poster format reflect the work of numerous undergraduate students.

The event is coordinated by the Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors (CPUPC), the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc. (ICUT) and the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC).

For more information, visit www.txstate.edu/continuinged/Events/Undergraduate-Research-Day.html.