Counseling Center offers online training to deal with distressed students

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
February 24, 2014

The Counseling Center at Texas State University is offering an interactive, online course called At Risk Training to help in dealing with distressed students.

The program addresses the 2013-14 Common Experience theme, "Minds Matter: Exploring Mental Health and Illness."

The At Risk Training course allows faculty, staff and students the opportunity to engage in a realistic role-play experience featuring simulated conversations with student avatars that respond to input. This allows participants to safely practice skills to talk to someone in distress and help connect them to the resources they need.

The course is accessible through the Counseling Center's faculty and staff page or for students on the suicide prevention page, accessible at After participants create an online account, the training takes 30-45 minutes, which can be completed over multiple sittings (progress is saved).

The training is free and currently an unlimited number of licenses are available for Texas State use. For more information, contact Blanca Sanchez-Navarro at (512) 245-2208 or via email at