Texas State launches Master's in Merchandising and Consumer Studies

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
February 5, 2013

The School of Family and Consumer Sciences at Texas State University has announced a new Master of Science degree in Merchandising and Consumer Studies.

The new graduate program offers students specific knowledge about fashion and related product merchandising while preparing students for positions in industry, the public sector and academia.

“The retail industry and all of the companies which support and supply it have become increasingly complex. The experience, knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s fast-changing market are difficult to accrue during a baccalaureate program," said Rodney Runyan, director of the School of Family and Consumer Sciences. "The M.S. in merchandising and consumer studies takes an applied approach to graduate education, helping students enhance leadership, problem solving, communication and analytical skills to provide a competitive advantage in the workplace.”

Graduates are able to address issues and make relevant decisions to meet the market needs of the dynamic cultural, demographic and lifestyle changes of the 21st Century. The department has on-going research in various areas of the merchandising and consumer markets, including cross-border shopping, regulatory focus, entrepreneurship, out-shopping and sustainability. Applications are being accepted for the summer and fall 2013 semesters.

For more information contact Pauline Sullivan at (512) 245-2448 or via email at ps48@txstate.edu.