Modern Languages hosts De Poesia Por La Paz poetry festival

By Judy Lynn Drazan
University News Service
October 11, 2012

The Modern Languages Department and Sigma Delta Pi will host a poetry reading from 2-7 p.m. on November 15 in Centennial Hall G02. Students, faculty and guests will read poems in Spanish by well-known Latin American and Spanish poets.

Special guest reader, Jeff Gordon of the Department of Philosophy, will read Pablo Neruda's work and a selection of Walt Whitman’s and Dylan Thomas’ works. Faculty will read also in German, Italian and Japanese.

Students and guests must sign up in advance to appear in the program. Everyone is welcome to come to the festival and read a poem by their favorite poet, sing a song, or play an instrument. Spanish is the preferred language, although any language is welcome.

“Poetry is the language of our hearts,” Miriam Balboa Echeverria said. “If in the midst of our daily life we could remember the power of the words from our hearts, we may reach the meaning of peace for all.”

For more information, please contact Miriam Balboa Echeverria at