Texas State offers summer stuttering therapy program for adults

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
June 13, 2012

The second Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy Program for Adults (CSTP-A) will be offered by the Department of Communication Disorders' Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic at Texas State University-San Marcos beginning July 9.

The CSTP is a therapy program developed for adolescents and adults who stutter. The program includes a residential "intensive" component and a non-residential, structured "follow-up" component. The program is coordinated by Farzan Irani, whose research focuses on treatment outcomes for people who stutter.

The "intensive" component of the clinic will run for two weeks and include 60 hours of therapy. The "follow-up" component will be offered for a year after completion of the intensive component. The follow-up component will be completed using webconferencing technology that allows participants to attend therapy from their homes.

The CSTP is designed to provide therapy in a structured format that addresses various aspects of stuttering while paying attention to individual needs. The program will teach a number of speech techniques to deal with stuttering effectively in daily life, provide an opportunity to practice these techniques and increase control over fluent speech production. Additionally, the program addresses maladaptive reactions to stuttering on an individual level to help promote healthy acceptance of stuttering and develop the skills necessary to deal with a variety of real-life situations independently.

For more information, contact Irani at (512) 245-6599 or via email at firani@txstate.edu.