Texas State participates in World AIDS Day

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
November 24, 2010

Health Promotion Services at Texas State University-San Marcos’ peer education team, the Network, announced it will host an awareness event on Wednesday, Dec. 1 in the Texas State quad in recognition of World AIDS Day. This annual campaign is a platform used to expand HIV awareness, prevent others from transmission and eliminate prejudices associated with the virus.

HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus, which can lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS. AIDS is the late stage of HIV infection, when a person’s immune system is compromised and has difficulty fighting diseases and certain cancers. Currently, 33.4 million people worldwide are infected with HIV.

The Network will be selling buttons, passing out awareness information, including free condoms and red AIDS awareness ribbons to students, faculty and staff on campus. Passers-by will have the opportunity to donate $0.50 to dance along to the famous song, “99 Red Balloons,” in a tent filled with 99 red balloons. All proceeds will support the Rural AIDS Services Program (RASP).

"Dancing in a tent full of balloons is going to be epic,” the Network’s vice president, Brandon Pendleton said. “We're holding the event pretty close to finals, too, so I'm hoping students will want to let off some steam before they hit the books."

The Network’s goal is to “paint the quad red” and encourage people to wear this color to help raise awareness about the global AIDS epidemic. In support of this day, several businesses in town have agreed to offer discounts to people who wear red clothing, awareness ribbons, or the buttons sold through the Network.

For more information about World AIDS Day or HIV/AIDS, please visit the World AIDS Day website at www.worldaidscampaign.org or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at www.cdc.gov/hiv/default.htm.

The Network is a peer education team at Texas State. It strives to promote wellness and influence healthy attitudes and behavior on campus. The Network offers interactive and engaging health education programs that give students positive and healthy experiences throughout their college years. For more information about getting involved with the Network, please visit www.healthcenter.txstate.edu/HEALTH-PROMOTION.html.