A message from President Trauth regarding steam outage

April 2, 2009

Dear Texas State Students, Faculty, and Staff,

The untimely failure of the steam boiler at the Cogeneration Plant has affected everyone on campus--from students in their residence hall rooms, to faculty in their classrooms, to staff and administration. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time period when many of you have been uncomfortable and inconvenienced.

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer my deepest appreciation to Mr. Pat Fogarty and his staff in the Facilities Department who have worked, literally, around-the-clock for days on end since the boiler failed to remedy the situation and restore our campus to full functionality; and to Dr. Rosanne Proite and her staff in the Department of Housing and Residential Life for working with the students and parents during this difficult time. 

Thank you, again, for your perseverance and understanding during this challenging situation.

Denise M. Trauth