Texas State hosts Range Management Symposium

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
July 9, 2008

Texas State University-San Marcos will host a Range Management Symposium July 30-31 at the Freeman Ranch.

The symposium, jointly sponsored by the Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the Departments of Biology and Geography, is designed to benefit domestic animal producers (cattle, sheep and goats) and wildlife producers (deer, elk and exotics).

Those attending will hear the latest up-to-date information on range grasses and range management for companion grazing of domestic livestock and wildlife. Topics for both large and small acreage producers, as well as others involved in various business and educational aspects of livestock and wildlife production and management will be covered.

The program for this year’s symposium will consist of an afternoon workshop and field day at the Freeman Ranch on Wednesday, July 30 followed by a morning information and lecture session at the Agriculture Building on campus Thursday, July 31. The workshop will cover topics related to controlled burning and forage improvement, whereas the seminar sessions will provide the individual with facts, practices, and ideas to incorporate into their individual operations to improve productivity and decrease the cost of production. By utilizing both workshop and seminar presentations each attendee will be able to apply aspects from each towards improving productivity and profitability to their own property following the symposium.

For additional information, contact Greg Pollard at (512) 245-3330 or via email at gp11@txstate.edu.