Smart-penned article deemed “Year’s Best” for 2003

Date released: 04/27/04

SAN MARCOS – An article co-written by Denise Smart, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Business Administration at Texas State University-San Marcos, was named Outstanding Article of the Year for 2003 at the Marketing Educators’ Association’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas.

The winning article, “Mastering the Art of Teaching: Pursuing Excellence in a New Millennium,” was written by Smart, Craig A. Kelley (California State University, Sacramento), and Jeffery S. Conant (Texas A & M University).

Douglas J. Lincoln, Ph.D., Professor of Marketing and Editor of the Journal of Marketing Education, made the announcement. The article was published in the April 2003 issue (Vol. 25, No. 1) of the journal.

Smart, Kelley, and Conant have developed a multi-year stream of research on excellence in marketing education and the winning 2003 article was their most recent contribution. Their research accomplishments are well respected by marketing educators around the globe and they continue to guide those professors interested in continually improving their roles in educating students, Lincoln said.

The winning article was chosen by the journal’s Review Board and was selected from the 24 articles published in 2003. Most noteworthy is the fact that the Journal of Marketing Education’s acceptance rate in 2003 was just under 12 percent. This means that the winning article’s chances of being selected for this award were less than one-half of one percent based on all submissions.

The Journal of Marketing Education was recently ranked as the most influential journal in the field of marketing education by a recent article appearing in the Journal of Marketing (see Baumgartner and Pieters, “The Structural Influence of Marketing Journals: A Citation Analysis of the Discipline and Its Subareas Over Time,” Vol. 67 (April 2003), 123-139.) The journal is published by Sage Publications, Inc. and cosponsored by the Marketing Educators’ Association.