Building a diverse workforce one job at a time

Date of release: 04/04/00

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS — For more than 10 years, Southwest Texas State University has taken a proactive approach to diversifying the workforce through the National Multicultural Job Expo. This year’s expo, which will be held from10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 6 and 7, is expected to attract more than 3,000 students and 235 companies.

The Office of Career Services at SWT, which hosts this two-day job fair, is looking to attract companies with a wide range of career opportunities. Job seekers range from college sophomores seeking internships to seniors seeking entry-level jobs and alumni making career changes.

Participating organizations will encounter a multitude of diversified and knowledgeable applicants. To meet the needs of this varied workforce, SWT is looking for companies with opportunities in every field of study from English and art to technology and chemistry.

Debbie Herd, college relations manager at J.C. Penney, said of the expo, “The SWT Multicultural Job Expo has been and continues to be J.C. Penney’s primary minority recruitment avenue. We believe the students deserve exposure to all companies, and J.C. Penney has recommended SWT to other companies.”

In addition to SWT students and alumni, the Expo will be open to students and alumni from institutions throughout the Southwest. Special efforts are also made to promote this event nationwide to diverse student populations.

Conrad Rotenberry, recruiter for the Principal Life Insurance Co., said of the job fair, “The expo is a great resource for minority candidates who are graduating within a few months of the event. I have attended the last seven years and plan to continue attending each year.”

Business, industry and government employers are welcome to participate April 6, while business, government and education employers are invited to participate on April 7. To receive a registration packet or for more information, please contact Josie Garrott, associate director of career services, at 512-245-2645 or visit SWT’s career services website at