Houston (and the rest of Texas), we have a solution

Date of release: 03/29/00

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS — The U.S. is challenged to supply adequate numbers of scientists and engineers of all ethnicities to keep pace with technological advances. Because more scientists are needed in the science, mathematics, engineering and technology (SMET) fields, eight Houston-area and Texas institutions of Higher Education, including Southwest Texas State University, and the Houston Independent School District have united to implement the Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program.

SWT shares the vision of the LSAMP program, which is to provide Texas and the nation with a greatly increased number of graduates in science, mathematics, engineering and technology fields and to prepare, inspire and encourage them to pursue graduate education.

In pursuit of this goal, SWT is providing scholarships of up to $4,000 per year. The amount of the scholarship increases in the junior and senior years. An important feature of this program is a Collaborative Learning Community, which will provide access to computers, tutoring, mentoring, job placement assistance, graduate schools, peer networking, workshops and internship opportunities. SWT anticipates offering a Summer AMP Orientation Weekend in 2000.

For more information, contact Gregory B. Passty, assistant dean, College of Science, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX 78666-4616, (512) 245-2119.