Bridge at Aquarena repaired

Date of release: 11/19/98

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS — A bridge at the main entrance of the Aquarena Center has been repaired and the roadway through Aquarena has been reopened.

The bridge was damaged during the Oct. 17 flood and the entry road has been closed since that time. The road provides access to Laurel Ridge Road and the Spring Lake Hills neighborhood.

Although the main entrance is now open, the Aquarena Center park itself remains closed. Aquarena sustained considerable damage to buildings and exhibits during the flood, and SWT officials are still uncertain when the facility will reopen.

The Inn at Aquarena is open for business as usual.

University officials also announced the reopening of the SWT Golf Course, located at Aquarena. The course has been closed due to flood damage, but the university has reopened seven holes on the nine-hole course.