In Brief: Transportation Services to launch annual bicycle round-up May 19

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
Office of Media Relations
May 16, 2016

Transportation Services will launch the annual Texas State University bicycle round-up May 19.

The bicycle round-up is an annual collection of abandoned bicycles on campus.  A bicycle will be considered abandoned if it is parked for more than a week in the same place on campus without moving, after it has been issued an abandonment notice.

During the bicycle round-up, all abandoned bicycles on campus that are attached to railings, signage or landscaping, or left in bicycle racks will be removed. Registered bikes that have been abandoned will be collected. If a lock is present, it will be cut. Bicycles will be held for 90 days after which they will be recycled.  Proof of ownership or R.ID.E Registration will be required to retrieve a bicycle after it is impounded.  

Bicycles may be registered free of charge online at To obtain additional information, email or contact Alex Vogt at 245-5555.