University community urged to activate Rave Alert account

Posted by Jayme Blaschke
University News Service
February 8, 2011

During the recent weather emergency, the university used the Rave Alert system to send out emergency alerts several times over a two-day period. Because of the rolling power outages, electricity was intermittently lost in some university offices, making it difficult at times to immediately update the university home page with up-to-the-minute information.

However, the University Police Department maintained power and was able to broadcast brief alerts using the Rave system. These helped keep the university community informed until the university website could be updated.

Unfortunately, only a relatively small percentage of university students, faculty and staff have activated their Rave Alert accounts. The recent emergency situation illustrates the importance of doing so and we encourage the entire university community to take a few minutes to follow the simple procedure to activate your account.

TXSTate RAVE is an emergency notification system that allows for texting to be sent directly to your cellular phone. Texas State University-San Marcos has provided this system at no charge and has pre-registered all users into the system using their “” email address (*NOTE-depending on your texting plan you are responsible for any additional text charges from your provider).

To complete your Rave subscription, go to and log in using your Texas State Net ID and password and then follow the directions there. You will immediately become part of the Rave network. Rave Alerts will only be issued during emergency situations. Please activate your account today at