Texas State hosts writing camp for high school students

By Meagan Singletary
University News Service
June 6, 2008

The Writing Center at Texas State University-San Marcos will host a creative writing camp for high school students June 16-20 and 23-27.

Fifteen students from San Marcos, Chandler, Seguin, Sugarland and Gatesville are set to attend the camp which will be taught by M.F.A. students in the Texas State program in creative writing.

A $20,000 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board sponsors the writing camp as well as a high school writing center and writing club. The writing center at Texas State has been designated by the board as a go center. The goal of go centers is bridging the gap, making students see grades K-16 instead of just K-12.

Nancy Wilson, director of the writing center, encouraged students with a desire for writing to attend.

“There’s a certain group of kids who like to write, but they don’t necessarily do well on standardized tests,” said Wilson. “We wanted to give them opportunities at the college level to explore writing but not in those kind of standard ways.”

Students attending will learn flash fiction, how to cultivate ideas and revisions. They will make journals and participate in workshops. One of the unique opportunities they receive will be getting to share their work with an audience.

“They do a public reading at the Katherine Anne Porter House which just blew my socks of last year,” said Wilson. “They’re all there listening to creative, original writing.”

According to Wilson, the camp could also serve as a recruiting tool.

“Last year especially, some of those kids didn’t really ever think about going to college and when they were done they were all going to college, they were all going to this college. They felt like this was their university,” said Wilson.

Learning to become a better writer is just one of the advantages of this camp. Students participating may feel a sense of fraternity.

“They might be the odd kid who likes to write and they’re in with some of the other odd kids who like to write and it’s sort of a community,” said Wilson.

For additional information, contact Wilson at (512) 245-7660.