Texas State will host a debate over gay marriage issue

Date released: 04/09/04

SAN MARCOS – Texas State University-San Marcos will host a debate over the contentious issue of gay marriage 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 15, in the Alkek Teaching Theater.

The debate is framed by President Bush’s pledged support of a constitutional amendment prohibiting marriage between homosexuals, and arguments from the proponents of gay marriage that such an amendment would legalize an unjustifiable bias against gays. Should marriage be a lawful option for members of the same sex? Are there good reasons to restrict this institution to union between a man and a woman?

Arguing in favor of gay marriage will be John Corvino, Ph.D., philosophy professor at Wayne State University, who has been debating issues of gay rights for 10 years on campuses throughout the country Taking the opposing viewpoint will be Randy Hicks, president of the Family Council of Georgia and frequent commentator on family issues for CNN and Fox News. Moderating the debate will be Jeffrey Gordon, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy at Texas State and NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities. Following opening speeches and rebuttals by the two debaters, members of the audience will be invited to challenge the speakers on their own. The debate is free and open to the entire university community.

The event is jointly sponsored by the NEH Distinguished Teaching Professorship, the Department of Philosophy, the Student Affairs Diversity Team, Allies of Texas State and Lambda of Texas State.